The Feywild

Session 3

The Forest

We began with a diplomatic talk with The Lady. She informed the group that she had received reports of animals fleeing the forest or dying before they could escape. There are also reports of an unnatural green mist within the forest and that it appears the threat is coming from the very mountains that we are trying to reach. We inform The Lady that we will definitely check the reports out.

As the party begins moving towards the Wood Elf trading village, Danni hears what sounds like a large group moving across the stream. It is decided that Ivy would go and stealthily check things out. She reports back that there are three Were creatures and five minions moving through the area and apparently searching for something or someone. As the party moves towards the group a Wood Elf appears at the top of an escarpment with the intention of attacking the Were group and it seems as if the Wood Elf may have been the very thing the Were group was searching for. As our group begins the attack on the Weres the Wood Elf disappears. Once we defeat the enemies Danni tracks the Wood Elf to another tributary of the stream. Strangely the tracks seem to change into something almost snake-like and disappear into the water. Could this mean another Druid with the shape change ability or could it be a Were-snake? The party decides to continue towards the trade village which is called Norien.

On the way towards Norien the party encounters another Wood Elf named Vilga. Vilga is from Norien and was tracking the Were group. We inform him that we’ve already taken care of them. We inquire about the other Wood Elf but Vilga knows nothing about him. He also has no insight about the apparent change to a snake-like creature but did inform us that the particular tributary that the snake tracks disappeared into did lead to the Were side. We inform Vilga that we are heading towards Norien and he agrees to escort us the rest of the way. It’s a three day trip which remains uneventful for days one and two.

On day three Danni hears a noise and both Ivy and Vilga sneak off to check it out. It turns out to be an Ettin and we must defeat it as the Ettin’s appearance is very unusual and it’s too close to Norien. In an extraordinary display of stealth and cunning Ivy slays the Ettin and the party safely enters the trading village of Norien.

Session 2

At Sea

The players board the vessel and depart Astrazalian without incident. While at sea they talk with the crew or play “Goblin Army” against the crew. The trip across the sea will take three days. It will take another four days down the Shagras river to where the captain says that wood elf traders can be found. The hope is to find some that could take the players up to the trading enclave in the Brokenstone mountains.

Encounter 3
On the second day at sea aboard the Seamist, the ship is attacked by a Aboleth Remnant and three giant archerfish. The archerfish are 7 from the ship and the Aboleth is adjacent when the battle begins. The players dispatch the monsters with only one dunking and fish is on the menu that evening.

Encounter 4
The players have no further encounters on the sea. And amazingly, their trip down the river is uneventful. After only six days due to good winds, the Seamist is where the captain feels that there will be wood elf traders. The ship floats slowly against the tide with only a single sail flying. The crew is bored. Then the players spot a pair of wood elves at the riverside.

On Land

It turns out that the wood elves are actually Dryads that try to lure the players into the camp and attack them. The players are successful in their perception checks and are not surprised. The Dryads inform the party that an evil has entered the woods and the silver tongued Danni is able to convince the Dryads that the party is here to aid them in their fight. The Dryads point the party in the direction of “The Lady”. Before leaving, the thief stealthily checks out the campsite but “finds nothing”.

Encounter 5
After conversing with the wood elves the players make a perception check and hear a faint singing. As they investigate the singing (which is in same direction The Lady is, they find a wood elf maiden singing alone in the forest. As the players approach the spring nymph attempts to bluff them into thinking she is a harmless maiden but as the party gets in range the woods come alive with 3 or 4 wood woads and her. It turns out that The Lady is in the center of a druid circle which adds +1 to damage/hit to any druid spell cast within it. The players easily defeat her and the wood woads. Upon her defeat, the players find a 7th level elven cloak.

Fey Day

And So It Begins

The center of Feywild is Senaliesse. Senaliesse is the home of Tiandra, the Summer Queen. Senaliesse is a palace woven of living wood by the hand of Oran, the Green Lord. The niece of the Summer Queen is Lady Shandria. Lady Shandria is also the ruler of Astrazalian, the city the players come from.

To the east of Elsir Vale, near Brindol, across the Golden Plains (at least some of the time) lies the Eladrin city of Astrazalian, known to residents of the Vale as the City of Starlight. This magnificent city strides the border between the material realm and the Feywild, and exists in each for fully half of every year. During the spring and summer, it resides a few hundred miles to the east of the Vale and is the source (or destination) of a significant amount of the trade that flows through the Vale.

Astrazalian appears in the material realm on the first day of spring; known as Corellon’s Spring Dawning according to the calendar of the Vale. It returns to the Feywild on Pelor’s Summer End. During the Autumn and Winter months, Astrazalian is held under constant siege by the Fomorians of the Feydark. Despite this relentless war, Lady Shandria’s Sword Guard manages to hold the giants outside the city gates, and Astrazalian serves as home to many Eladrin who have never seen battle.

You are vassals of the Haldir Celeb Rockben. In eldarin that translates to Haldir the Silver Knight. He is one of Lady Shandria’s knights in the Sword Guard. He has asked you to accompany him on a ceremonial guard duty assignment.

The day which Astrazalian shifts to the Feywild is commonly known to the inhabitants as Fey Day. You stand and look out upon dawn breaking and the light becomes so bright you are forced to look away. When you look back you gaze upon the waters of the Alnimmai (the deep emerald sea). At the front gate of the city the Sword Guard prepare for the almost certain initial attacks of Formian slaves and warriors but at the harbor where you are, a ceremonial ritual that also accompanies the shift of Astrazalian back to the Feywild begins. The allies of the Eladrin and those wishing to trade with them have their ships sitting outside the harbor. They sail in and each captain is greated by the Lady Shandria personally on the docks. It promotes trade and goodwill. You stand where a wharf meets the land and accompany Lady Shandria and the Silver knight toward 2 docked ships, one on each side. The lady starts toward the left one’s gangplank to greet the elf captain coming down to the wharf. On the right side the captain of that vessel slowly walks down the gangway to the wharf to give the lady enough time to meet with the other captain.

Encounter 1
As the captain of the vessel to the right approaches, the players notice that the faces of the sailors that accompany him seem to shimmer and transform into were-jackals. The captain’s image seems to shimmer and change into a were-wolf. The players and the Silver Knight notice several sailors jump from the bow of the right hand vessel to the wharf and head towards Lady Shandria. The Silver Knight assures the players that he would handle the two heading for the Lady. The players battle and defeat the two were-jackals and the were-wolf captain.

Encounter 2
After the dockside battle, the players notice two more sailors jump from the ship and run into the town. They follow them into town and confront them outside a tavern. The two sailors then undergo a physical transformation into were-jackals and attack the players with reinforcements from within the tavern. These were-beasts and also slain by our valiant players.

Post Encounter 2
After the fight, the players discovered that the Silver Knight and Lady Shandria had fought free from their aggressors but the ship that carried the enemies burned destroying all the bodies (evidence) in the process. The players are advised to meet the Silver Knight at his mansion. The Silver Knight discusses that there is no real evidence that the shape-shifters are planning a large scale attack since the vessel was destroyed but that he has a gut feeling that they might have become a new ally of the Formians. Since defense against the were-folk is his area of responsibilty he wants to at least prepare against a possible attack. The most certain way to do this is to gather Wolvesbane which can only be harvested at the Brokenstone Vale. The Vale is controlled by the Were-folk and trespassers are killed on sight. The mountains surrounding the Vale are held by the Wood Elves under the leadership of The Maiden of the Moon, an archfey who condones the hunting of Were-Fold who leaves the Vale, entering her mountains. There’s an elven trading outpost in the Brokenstone mountains where Elves and Were-folk warily trade with each other. The players will be heading for this outpost traveling via a ship provided to them by the Silver Knight. The name of the vessel is the Sea Mist (Ear Hissie “E-Ar-He-siy”). The characters should sail across the ocean to the Shagras river and continue down it to a wood elf outpost near Cendraine. There they will find a guide to the elven village in the mountains. The seller’s name is Anund. Return with the Wolvesbane as soon as possible.


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