The Feywild

Session 2

At Sea

The players board the vessel and depart Astrazalian without incident. While at sea they talk with the crew or play “Goblin Army” against the crew. The trip across the sea will take three days. It will take another four days down the Shagras river to where the captain says that wood elf traders can be found. The hope is to find some that could take the players up to the trading enclave in the Brokenstone mountains.

Encounter 3
On the second day at sea aboard the Seamist, the ship is attacked by a Aboleth Remnant and three giant archerfish. The archerfish are 7 from the ship and the Aboleth is adjacent when the battle begins. The players dispatch the monsters with only one dunking and fish is on the menu that evening.

Encounter 4
The players have no further encounters on the sea. And amazingly, their trip down the river is uneventful. After only six days due to good winds, the Seamist is where the captain feels that there will be wood elf traders. The ship floats slowly against the tide with only a single sail flying. The crew is bored. Then the players spot a pair of wood elves at the riverside.

On Land

It turns out that the wood elves are actually Dryads that try to lure the players into the camp and attack them. The players are successful in their perception checks and are not surprised. The Dryads inform the party that an evil has entered the woods and the silver tongued Danni is able to convince the Dryads that the party is here to aid them in their fight. The Dryads point the party in the direction of “The Lady”. Before leaving, the thief stealthily checks out the campsite but “finds nothing”.

Encounter 5
After conversing with the wood elves the players make a perception check and hear a faint singing. As they investigate the singing (which is in same direction The Lady is, they find a wood elf maiden singing alone in the forest. As the players approach the spring nymph attempts to bluff them into thinking she is a harmless maiden but as the party gets in range the woods come alive with 3 or 4 wood woads and her. It turns out that The Lady is in the center of a druid circle which adds +1 to damage/hit to any druid spell cast within it. The players easily defeat her and the wood woads. Upon her defeat, the players find a 7th level elven cloak.



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