The Feywild

Session 3

The Forest

We began with a diplomatic talk with The Lady. She informed the group that she had received reports of animals fleeing the forest or dying before they could escape. There are also reports of an unnatural green mist within the forest and that it appears the threat is coming from the very mountains that we are trying to reach. We inform The Lady that we will definitely check the reports out.

As the party begins moving towards the Wood Elf trading village, Danni hears what sounds like a large group moving across the stream. It is decided that Ivy would go and stealthily check things out. She reports back that there are three Were creatures and five minions moving through the area and apparently searching for something or someone. As the party moves towards the group a Wood Elf appears at the top of an escarpment with the intention of attacking the Were group and it seems as if the Wood Elf may have been the very thing the Were group was searching for. As our group begins the attack on the Weres the Wood Elf disappears. Once we defeat the enemies Danni tracks the Wood Elf to another tributary of the stream. Strangely the tracks seem to change into something almost snake-like and disappear into the water. Could this mean another Druid with the shape change ability or could it be a Were-snake? The party decides to continue towards the trade village which is called Norien.

On the way towards Norien the party encounters another Wood Elf named Vilga. Vilga is from Norien and was tracking the Were group. We inform him that we’ve already taken care of them. We inquire about the other Wood Elf but Vilga knows nothing about him. He also has no insight about the apparent change to a snake-like creature but did inform us that the particular tributary that the snake tracks disappeared into did lead to the Were side. We inform Vilga that we are heading towards Norien and he agrees to escort us the rest of the way. It’s a three day trip which remains uneventful for days one and two.

On day three Danni hears a noise and both Ivy and Vilga sneak off to check it out. It turns out to be an Ettin and we must defeat it as the Ettin’s appearance is very unusual and it’s too close to Norien. In an extraordinary display of stealth and cunning Ivy slays the Ettin and the party safely enters the trading village of Norien.



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